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At dosMares, we design swimwear, bikinis and swimsuits made by hand in local workshops. Created in Barcelona in 1981, dosMares combines our passion for fashion and design with top-quality fabrics and flattering cuts. We use Lycra made in Europe, mainly France, Italy and Spain. We take care in the details to make unique, lasting, timeless pieces.

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We’re women, so we know the female body better than anyone. We’ve been thinking about each and every one of us for 35 years, creating bikinis and swimsuits to make us feel both special and comfortable.

We want to take care of you just as we take care in the quality of our swimwear; helping you throughout the purchase process. We want to advise you, be there for you and help you find the bikini or swimsuit that best suits your body.

Artisanally made

We strive for quality by taking care in every step of the process, from choosing fabrics and suppliers, to designing and making our swimwear. That’s why our bikinis and swimsuits are made in artisan workshops in Barcelona that specialise in swimwear. We take care in the details to make unique, timeless pieces.

We’re committed to quality garments and, of course, the environment. We strive to reduce our brand’s impact on nature.

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The sea

The sea takes us to the places we dream of. The sea is both salty and sweet. The sea never stops, it is infinite, like the stories written about it.

The sea rocks us, excites us and covers us in salt. The sea is our space, our habitat and, above all, our inspiration.