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dosMares nosotras


Ethically made

Commited to a more conscious fashion

We are committed to a more ethical, more ecological, more durable and more conscious fashion. We design and produce our swimsuits ta - king great care of the details, ensuring that we make timeless pieces that women will love forever, and that will stay perfect summer after summer.

We’re committed to quality in our process as well as in our garments. We design and produce our garments in Barcelona and we source all our fabrics and trimmings from European suppliers. We take care of all our processes, from the selection of fabrics and suppliers, to the design and manufacture of our garments. By doing so, we ensure the garment’s quality, we respect the environment, and we make sure that all the people who take part in our creation process have suitable working conditions.

dosMares nosotras
dosMares nosotras

We work to reduce the impact our brand has on the environment. An increasing part of our collection is produced with recycled fabrics that comply with OEKTEX certification. Additionally, we adjust our production as much as possible to reduce surplus stocks.

We are environmentally friendly by producing reusable packaging 100% made from recycled materials.